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Hello! Hope everyone is getting ready for the end the year and Christmas.

We would like to share some ads featuring our models and mention that we have new models and actors in our portfolio.

On our website – homepage you can see videos for Astellas pharmaceutics with our actors Shenol Soleyman, Clotildes Rocha and Christina Tolentino. It is a great campaign for Control Overactive Bladder (OAB).

Below I share some still ads with our featured models for:

-Dole Fruit Ireland

-Midland Park Hotel

-Dunnes Stores (Tucker Willow, winter and Christmas campaign)

Coming soon….

-VHI campaign

-An Post

and more….

Thanks to all models, actors, photographers, advertising agencies and production companies.

Always thanks for following us on Instagram or Facebook @ipanemaagency


Fernanda Duffy

Whatsapp: 0831609045

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