The World Cup has arrived ….

This is a very different year, a winter World Cup near Christmas – Woooow that’s a big change and we from Ipanema Agency would like to share some news and ads with you.

We cast real football players for this World Cup campaign for BetFair. Among the players and referees we had Brazilian and Irish that made the campaign more real and grabs their costumers attention.

For this casting we had to look at playing ability, diversity, hair style, height, athletic shape and age. We were able to send around 32 options and 5 players and 1 referee were chosen.

Check it out this great campaign currently live on social media in Brazil, Colombia, Romania, Spain and Italy.

As we talk about World Cup and Christmas, I just loved this Dunnes Stores ad for Christmas.

Milo and Xander O’Brien are brothers. We got in contact with them because Milo has Down syndrome and we had the pleasure to photograph both for our portfolio. Thanks Dunnes Stores for this opportunity and having diversity in their ads.

Continuing with Dunnes Stores Advertising we have this lovely little girl Maria Clara with 1 year old that is a charming girl. We had Lucca Serwy, 7 years old, with a great ad campaign and for Father’s Day we had a real Dad and his son, Hiago and Bernardo Freitas.

See some of their pictures bellow.

Cast for An Post with a video production in Galway.

For this video the diversity was important and Leticia Ribeiro had a very good performance. Matheus Vieira was part of the casting during her presentation.

Enjoy the video.

In this video featuring real couple Adrielly Oliveira and Daniel Corbett, a mix of nationalities brings to this ad the beauty of the environment at Stephen’s Green and surrounding streets.

Maybe you fall in love….maybe you buy the building….

Coming up….

  • Casting with diversity and models over 60 years old with great performances.
  • Family in a beautiful and picturesque Castle – this will be part of an extensive tourism campaign.

Wrap up

  • Last May we had an unusual enquiry and we were able to help the client. with our model Daria Luzina, from Ukraine to help in her language refugees open a bank account in An Post. It was a challenging brief, but we were glad to help the Ukrainians settling in Ireland, as well as our client.
  • Thanks to all the Extras in recent Jameson and Powers whiskey campaigns and thanks to the Featured Models for different ads that we have done.
  • Thanks to the production companies and photographers that have chosen Ipanema Agency and trust us to get you the best diversity, quality and quick response with the casting.

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